Marine Safety

RAKMC has a primary responsibility to facilitate the safety of navigation throughout the Port. To this end RAKMC will:

  • Maintain an effective Navigational Safety Management System based on a continuing, formalised assessment and mitigation of risk.
  • Review regularly the effectiveness of, and if necessary seek amendments to, its legal powers, Byelaws and Directions in respect of navigational safety.
  • Monitor and manage vessel traffic within the Port limits through the provision of a Port Control and Information Service.
  • Provide an appropriate level of pilotage services.
  • Make and publish hydrographic surveys.
  • Undertake maintenance dredging as appropriate.
  • Remove sunken vessels and other obstructions that are, or may become, an impediment to safe navigation.
  • Ensure the provision of necessary aids to navigation within port limits.
  • Promulgate effectively navigational, tidal and other relevant information to all port users.
  • Provide effective management and co-ordination in respect of Saqr Port’s response to emergency incidents within its area of jurisdiction.
  • Consult widely with port users and other relevant stakeholders in respect of navigational safety issues and proposed changes to navigational arrangements.
  • Ensure, through risk assessment that the licensing of works takes due regard of the safety of navigation.