A continuous strategic review of RAK Ports will be carried out throughout 2011/12 by the General Manager, Capt Colin F.G. Crookshank.  It will define yearly objectives, roles, responsibilities and working practices throughout the RAK Ports organisation, some of which have already being implemented.

The Board has already approved a number of high level strategic objectives, against which:

1.    All future change objectives will be measured.

2.    RAK Ports management team can measure its performance.

These high level objectives are:

1.    People First – Staff, Port Users, Control Agencies, Authorities and other Stakeholders.

2.    Maintain financial stability of the ports in the short, medium and long term.

3.    Grow RAK Ports in terms of economic value.

4.    Deliver excellence.

5.    Comply with all relevant legislation – both federal and international.

6.    Establish a system of good governance.

Some of the yearly strategic objectives for 2011 are:

1.    Progress development of the RAK Ports Group to include Saqr Port, RAK Maritime City, Al Jazeera Port, Al Jeer Port and RAK Khor Port.

2.    Review and consider a branding exercise for RAK Ports.

3.    Officially launch RAK Maritime City.

4.    Create new websites for all 5 ports.

5.    Ensure IT systems are of highest standards.

6.    Provide high levels of customer focus and service.

7.    Ensure high quality development and maintenance of infrastructure.

8.    Establish political liaison and port user groups.

9.    Ensure robust strategies, policies, safety management systems.

10.  Ensure that all plans and procedures are reviewed, developed and introduced in the areas of security, health & safety, marine operations, port operations, IT, financial, waste management/waste recycling and the environment.

11.  Ensure high quality and continuous professional development of all Staff through training, exercises and drills.