Environmental Management

RAKMC recognises both its statutory and community responsibilities for the protection of the natural environment of the Port.

RAKMC is in the process of developing an Environmental and Information Management System.
RAKMC is drafting an Environmental Policy as the initial element of our proactive role in protecting the environment:

Environmental Policy

RAKMCis the responsible body for conservancy, pilotage and the maintenance and sustainable development of the Port, and it recognizes that it plays an important part in the economic, environmental and social life of the surrounding communities and region.

The Board and Management recognize its environmental responsibilities and are committed to:

Using its best endeavours to prevent pollution and minimize the impact on the environment of its operations and those of Port users and tenants as far as possible and within its control by means of a programme of continuous improvement.

Implementing and developing an environmental management system which will provide a framework for the setting, monitoring and auditing of environmental objectives and targets.

Making sure its environmental programme remains appropriate and its performance satisfactory by performing regular reviews that consult and involve employees, the local community, Port users and other relevant organizations.

Reporting on and publishing environmental indicators as part of an environmental management system.

Complying with applicable legislation, regulations and other standards to which it subscribes and, where practical, exceeding these requirements.

Encouraging staff, contractors and Port users to consider the environment in all their activities by developing systems of work that use resources more efficiently, use fewer harmful materials and reduce waste that cannot be re-used or recycled.

Identifying potential risks and develop plans of preparedness to cope with any incident in the Port liable to cause environmental harm.

Using all appropriate means of communication to publicise and promote this Statement and our continuing commitment to this policy for the benefit of existing and prospective customers and Port users, and the wider stakeholders in the local community. Reviewing this environmental policy and recommend revisions to the Board at least every 3 years.

Oil spill response

At RAKMC, the Harbour Master has overall responsibility for the conduct of the oil spill response operations and for casualty and/or salvage management. He is supported in this role by the Oil Spill Management Team and Saqr Port’s own Internal Incident Management Team.

In the event of a one-tier incident, appropriate response actions will be taken in accordance withRAKMC’s Oil Spill Contingency Plan. To deal with this type of incident, RAKMC has its own in-house Oil Spill Response Unit.

Should a tier two or three incident occur, the Port’s Oil Spill Management Team would convene and assistance would be provided by a retained third party oil spill response provider, who will provide regional oil spill response services to the Port.

Waste Management

International Conventions require all ports and terminal operators to provide waste reception facilities adequate to meet the needs of vessels using the Port or its terminals.

A Waste Management Plan is therefore being prepared by RAKMC during 2011/2012.

We will also investigate recycling opportunities throughout the Port as part of our commitment to protecting the environment.