Click here to download Saqr Port Tariff for 2014, please note that the tariff for RAKMC is only related to Marine Services and General Cargo.

The Authority to Raise Charges

The authority to charge “ship, passenger cargo and other dues” as considered “fit” is vested in the board of Saqr Port by the Ras Al Khaimah (RAK) Ports Act No. 9 of 2008.

The Power to Collect Charges Raised

By virtue of the RAK Ports Act No. 9 2008 the Saqr Port Authority may recover rates payable to them in respect of a ship by distraint and sale of the ship and its tackle and in respect of any goods by distraint and sale either of those goods or any other goods held on harbour premises belonging to the persons liable for payment of the dues.

Payment Terms

Payment due within 30 days of the date of demand/invoice unless otherwise indicated. RAKMC reserves the right to demand full payment prior to departure.

Changes to Tariff

RAKMC/Saqr Port Authority reserves the right to alter/modify the tariff giving a notice period of 7 days only.